We’re Humanizing Dating
In a world where dating has become a swiping game and meeting people outside of your bubble is harder than ever, we’re shaking things up.

Here/Now brings together groups of fun, open-minded people for virtual gatherings designed to spark connection. We’ll introduce you to a room full of singles, set the mood and ignite conversation. Then we’ll connect you after if you felt a mutual spark. 

No distractions, no work talk, just real conversations with cool people.
Why Here/Now?
It’s More Efficient
Than the Apps
Skip the messaging and get to the good part. Meet more people in less time than you’d spend on a single date.
You Get a Better Feel for Chemistry
Face-to-face lets you gauge personality, vibe and chemistry. Sense what a dating profile could never tell you.
It’s Low Pressure
We keep things casual and let you decide if it’s friendship or something more. Walking away with new friendships is just as successful as snagging a second date.
It’s Actually Fun!
Dating shouldn’t feel like another task on your to-do list. We’ll take you out for an evening of lively conversation, fun activities and good wine in a unique venue in your city.